Our mission is to capture carbon using a natural climate solution, bamboo.

Simply put, we let nature do the work by putting rapidly renewable plants into the earth. Our non-profit organization strives to be one part of many solutions to decelerate anthropogenic climate change.

Projects we are focusing on

bamboo grass field
bamboo grass field

Research, Propagation and Growth

Education, Public Outreach & EU Climate Policy

Bamboo as a natural carbon solution to restore the land, increase biodiversity & most importantly to clean the air.We are at the tipping point where many solutions are needed to solve our climate crisis. The Dutch Bamboo Foundation aims to protect our environment from inappropriate development, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can help.

Planters are change makers. So, what happens when we plant Giant bamboo in the Netherlands? We learn about a plant that thrives in most parts of the world, and has proven to do so also in Europe. Adequate funding can help us to continue our research to find species of bamboo that can be used for many purposes, not just materials, but also as a way to cleanup our climate.

Our partners 

ArtEZ University of the ArtsArtEZ University of the Arts

Your help is instrumental in contributing to a sustainable future for our next generations.