Nieuwe Bodem

What: Agroforestry Project with two species of Bamboo Planted.

Location: Aalten, Gelderland, Netherlands

We’ve learned that our food and agriculture system is a system of living ecosystems, that we are constantly growing food and plants, and that our water is constantly being used. Stitching Dutch Bamboo has partnered with our gracious land hosts at Nieuwe Bodem to explore agroforestry practices with Bamboo. Their farm offers the ideals of permaculture to grow and harvest herbs, teas, fruit and nut trees, vegetables and flowers...and now...some of our bamboo.

About the project

Starting point

After engaging with the community, we discovered the farm at Niewe Bodem and proposed growing some of bamboo there. So, by the end of 2021 we planted our first bamboo in the Achterhoek.

Watch it grow

Over the next few years we will watch it grow and fill out in two small plots of land on the border of their farm. The goal is to manage the growth with root barriers and through cultivating poles for garden use and young shoot for the farmers market.

The term sustainable agriculture is often used to describe a particular way of farming that is free from harmful or harmful environmental impacts.